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Bringing Stem Cell Therapies to Patients

Product Indication Discovery Preclinical Phase I/II Phase III Marketed
CVU auto: APZ2 Chronic Venous Ulcers - Autologous
CVU allo: allo-APZ2-CVU Chronic Venous Ulcers - Allogeneic
DFU: allo-APZ2-DFU Diabetic Foot Ulcers - Allogeneic
PAOD: allo-APZ2-PAOD Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease - Allogeneic
ACLF: allo-APZ2-ACLF Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure - Allogeneic
RDEB: allo-APZ2-EB 1 2 4 Epidermolysis Bullosa - Allogeneic
LSCD: LSC2 1 2 3 4 Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency - Allogeneic
- Oncology (Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies)
1 EMA Orphan Drug Designation
2 FDA Orphan Drug Designation
3 FDA Fast Track Designation
4 FDA Clinical Trial Approval

Building upon highly functional human skin-derived ABCB5-positive mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) as a platform technology, RHEACELL develops advanced-therapy medicinal products to treat currently uncurable inflammatory and degenerative diseases. Further areas of research and development include ABCB5-positive limbal stem cells (LSCs) and immunotherapies against ABCB5-expressing cancers.

We make use of ABCB5-related U.S. and international patents assigned to Boston Children’s Hospital and/or Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts) that are exclusively licensed to RHEACELL and our parent company TICEBA. Co-inventor Markus H. Frank, M.D., Professor at Harvard Medical School, serves as a scientific advisor to RHEACELL.

For an overview of all clinical trials and study centers in Germany and worldwide go to Clinical Trials on the navigation bar.

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